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Frequently Asked Questions

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Try refreshing the web page by clicking the refresh icon.  The refresh icon is typically at the top left of the browser and is an arrow going clockwise.  If you are on a windows machine you can just press the F5 button.  If you’re on a mac just press the command + R buttons.

You need to choose a lower quality setting that your internet can handle.  You can do this by hovering your mouse over the video and clicking the gear icon located at the bottom right of the video player.  At the bottom of the menu that pops up you’ll see an option for “quality”.  Most of the time it’s set to auto.  It will read (Auto: 720p).  If this is the case and you are having issues please select (480p) instead and keep going lower and lower until the buffering has stopped.

Yes.  You can watch our full length services at our YouTube channel by clicking here.  Or, you can go to the “Sermons” tab in the main menu and watch just the sermon.

Yes you can.  You can direct them to our website or you can open our YouTube channel and click “SHARE”.  This gives you a link that you can share to other people using email, Facebook, Twitter, etc…